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Quick tip: soundproofing your homelab

Quick tip: if your home server happens to be a humble PC tower, rather than a rackmount blade, you can insert a layer of styrofoam or bubble wrap underneath it, to reduce the noise transferred from the fans & hard drives into the floor or the desk.

How to manage dotfiles, the easy way

I’ve published my dotfiles on Github. The readme discusses some very simple and effective strategies for maintaining dotfiles, without the overhead of any third-party tools.

Disaster Recovery

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had to write a detailed post-mortem, and luckily this time the impact is very minimal - I’ve accidentally nuked the contents of the hard drive of my laptop, which I rarely use for any “serious” work. It’s made me reconsider disaster recovery plans, because mine didn’t quite stand the test.


I’m recently becoming a fan of the text editor mg(1). It is exactly what the man page advertises it to be: a small, fast, and portable Emacs clone.

This website is (yet again) experiencing technological churn

TL;DR: welcome Hugo and Netlify.

My tech stack (2022)

Small tech stack update.

UUIDs as invoice numbers - abusing a spec for fun and profit

I’m a big fan of UUIDs. They make life better, wherever I need to organise things - correlating objects between vastly different data sources, storage formats, structures, non-structures, databases, caches, etc. I already use them as PKs in Postgres, filenames in S3, and many more; today I wanted to spread their usage to accounting.

Why I've switched to Apple

In April 2019, a friend gave me an iPhone. I gave it a try, and it made me question my life.

New stuff

The old website is gone. Welcome the new stuff.

My tech stack (2019)

It’s been years since I last updated the page describing my stack, so here’s the new stuff.

Ansible is a hack on a hack on a hack on a hack


The Tech Cheat Sheet

For whenever I forget random silly things like “how to exit vi” (I’m an Emacs guy).

Dark mode

Updated 2019-12-22: With dark mode CSS, it’s now possible to match your website’s color scheme with the user’s preferences. Finally!

No cookies

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My tech stack (2015)

I’ve pieced my rig together quite carefully, creating a rather unique stack. At the fundamental level it’s not so different from a hundred thousand other hackers' stacks, and thus to comply with the #1 rule of custom stacks, it demands a dedicated post explaining how cool and unique it is.