New stuff

The old website is gone. Welcome the new stuff.

It was a pragmatic choice. I’m a little too busy doing life things to bother maintaining the code AND the content.

The code was a very cute, but unmaintainable hack. Too much make, too much custom glue, tangled up deployment, too much burden to do a basic post or update. Meanwhile, 100% of the heavy lifting was done with pandoc.

The new stuff is now done with Jekyll on Github Pages (source). We’ll see how long it lasts.

The old content was of mixed quality. Maybe it’s better to start from scratch.

Hosting on a server costs money and time. I’m OK to yield to my Github overlords, after all I can always take my static HTML elsewhere.

And now the money can go to a charity instead.

The old stuff is still on If you find any of that old stuff useful, donate to the guys, they are doing the real work.

Update 2022-01-14

We’ll see how long it lasts.

Not long.