The Old Computer Challenge v2: Day 4 Summary

Short update on the challenge: all the smart home stuff is so annoying.

It works just fine while fully offline (e.g. if I yoinked the WAN wire from the router, but stayed connected to the home Wifi), but then we both work from home and need the Internet for work, so this is no good.

So I keep Wifi turned off throughout the day on my phone & watch. HomePods are unplugged (as they’re not that useful without Internet anyway), so no voice control. I have to reconnect to Wifi just to turn on the lights, or use the physical switches (and confuse the hell out of the HomeKit hub).

I could probably over-engineer some solution to this involving separate SSIDs and/or tagged VLANs, but I want to use this challenge as an opportunity to spend less time with computers, not more.