Defy History (Assassin's Creed: Black Flag)

A bunch of peglegs wanted a painting of a pirate battle at the sea. How do we make it awesome?

The website, when kicked off in July 2013, presented the visitors only with a rough draft of the painting, and allowed these random people of the Internet to choose one of about 140 characters that fought in the battle. Each pegleg recruit had to pose for a bunch of photos using their webcam (so the artists could get an accurate depiction of their forepeak).

Then the time came for the real battle: people have voted for each of the characters, to choose the top 10 for each of the 140. The artists immortalised the chosen handful on the epic painting.

Three of my photos actually made it to the selected top 1400, however I wasn't lucky enough to be picked. Perhaps I should've rigged the voting system while I was hacking on it!

                       .ed"""" """$$$$be.
                     -"           ^""**$$$e.
                   ."                   '$$$c
                  /                      "4$$b
                 d  3                     $$$$
                 $  *                   .$$$$$$
                .$  ^c           $$$$$e$$$$$$$$.
                d$L  4.         4$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b
                $$$$b ^ceeeee.  4$$ECL.F*$$$$$$$
    e$""=.      $$$$P d$$$$F $ $$$$$$$$$- $$$$$$
   z$$b. ^c     3$$$F "$$$$b   $"$$$$$$$  $$$$*"      .=""$c
  4$$$$L   \     $$P"  "$$b   .$ $$$$$...e$$        .=  e$$$.
  ^*$$$$$c  %..   *c    ..    $$ 3$$$$$$$$$$eF     zP  d$$$$$
    "**$$$ec   "\   %ce""    $$$  $$$$$$$$$$*    .r" =$$$$P""
          "*$b.  "c  *$e.    *** d$$$$$"L$$    .d"  e$$***"
            ^*$$c ^$c $$$      4J$$$$$% $$$ .e*".eeP"
               "$$$$$$"'$=e....$*$$**$cz$$" "..d$*"
                 "*$$$  *=%4.$ L L$ P3$$$F $$$P"
                    "$   "%*ebJLzb$e$$$$$b $P"
                      %..      4$$$$$$$$$$ "
                       $$$e   z$$$$$$$$$$%
                        "*$c  "$$$$$$$P"
                      .-"    .$***$$$"""*e.
                   .-"    .e$"     "*$c  ^*b.
            .=*""""    .e$*"          "*bc  "*$e..
          .$"        .z*"               ^*$e.   "*****e.
          $$ee$c   .d"                     "*$.        3.
          ^*$E")$..$"                         *   .ee==d%
             $.d$$$*                           *  J$$$e*
              """""                             "$$$"

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