File formats

This is related to vendor lock-in.

Sorry, I can't open your file.

It's no longer 1999! We have several different computing platforms and operating systems, each used by millions of individual users every day:

Various variations of these, running across vastly different devices:

These devices all use various screen formats and dimensions:

No, I'm not trying to use a wristwatch to open your .pptx presentation or .dwg drawing, however my computer still has difficulties opening it - and the same will happen to the next person using a different combination of the above. And even if your file is accessible to 90% of the world's computer-using population, the remaining 10% are literally hundreds of millions of people...

Publishing files

Export your file into a simple, vendor-neutral format.

For text, documents, presentations:

For images:

For audio:

For video:

For data:

Collaborating on files

If you'd rather use a GUI tool

It's very difficult to stay vendor-neutral. However you have a big chance of success with these:

If you are comfortable with software development tools

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