My longboarding gear


This is a board with a story.

June 2016. I get home one day, my landlord is in the corridor, and this thing lies on the top of a pile of trash he's about to throw away. Grip tape peeling off, bolts rusting, plywood delaminating at the edges, this object is easily mistaken for trash. I've snatched the board, restored it to the best of my wood-working knowledge and skills, and my skating adventure begun.

The Deck. Look how beautiful it used to look. It looks a bit worse right now, partially my fault too.

It's awfully thick, stiff, and heavy - 4.5kg (10lbs) with the hardware. But man this stuff is stable!

The wheels are 85mm 75A Seismic Speed Vents. This is the kind of stuff that was used to break the world speed record. Personally, I have a much more casual use for them - they ride on absolutely everything. The shittiest pavements, bumps, cracks, small curbs, heck even short grass or beaten dirt - they are perfect for getting around in places with shitty infrastructure.

The trucks are Paris, I couldn't figure out much more about them.

rollcat rollin'!

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